Exclusive: Inside the GETCO Execution Services Trading Floor

Advanced Trading takes you on an exclusive tour of the New York trading floor of GETCO Execution Services, the solutions arm of GETCO.
October 08, 2012

As a global market maker, GETCO provides liquidity for the marketplace as well as a variety of trading tools and services for the buy side and sell side. Founded in 1999 by Stephen Schuler and Dan Tierney, the market maker employs 400 people in its Chicago, London, New York offices as well as other branches around the globe. Advanced Trading visited the new trading floor for GETCO Execution Services, the solutions arm of the firm where clients can access a wide range of tools from trading algorithms to execution services to a dark pool, GETMatched. We also visited the firm's Designated Market Maker station on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to see first-hand how they facilitate trades for their clients.

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