June 10, 2009

Proofpoint, a provider of unified email security, email archiving and data loss prevention solutions, introduced a new version of its SaaS email archiving solution.

Proofpoint ARCHIVE, which is part of the Proofpoint on Demand suite of cloud-based email security and compliance solutions, combines storage and search in the cloud with a lightweight, on-premises appliance to deliver the performance, scalability and cost savings of SaaS while providing the highest levels of security for each organization's archived data.

The Proofpoint ARCHIVE solution securely stores encrypted email data in the cloud while the on-site Proofpoint ARCHIVE appliance ensures security between the local email server and Proofpoint's storage cloud, according to the vendor.

The new version introduces features for faster and easier eDiscovery and improved management of legal holds including new policy engine and workflow enhancements, improved support for historical email, enhanced end user search capabilities and support for Instant Message (IM) archiving.

"Proofpoint ARCHIVE has become an even more effective and flexible tool for us with the significant enhancements to legal hold, workflow, search capabilities and the streamlined end-user interface," Tyler Verri, security analyst for Sub-Zero Wolf, Inc, said in a release.

"What was already an excellent solution is now more powerful and the new capabilities will allow users across our organization to find relevant emails more quickly and easily, whether they are engaged in legal discovery or simply personal email management," he added. According to Andres Kohn, VP and general manager for Proofpoint's email archiving business, traditional enterprise email archiving solutions have forced enterprises to compromise on either security or cost of ownership.

"On-premises archiving solutions have proven expensive to install and maintain, hard to scale and provide unending IT headaches," he said.

"Proofpoint's next-generation SaaS approach coupled with patented encryption technology provides the security and functionality of on-premises solutions combined with the low predictable costs, reliable service and infinite scalability afforded by SaaS."

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