How Risky Are Your Cloud Service Apps?

See how Box's cloud security risk compares with Dropbox, how Facebook stacks up against Twitter, Office 365 versus Gmail.
February 22, 2014

In a recent interview with Rajiv Gupta, CEO and founder of Skyhigh Networks, a cloud visibility and enablement company dedicated to shedding light on cloud security and compliance, it was found CIOs guess their firm is exposed to, on average, 30-42 cloud application. The actual number averages 662. In Financial service, the average is a slightly better 548.

Each application comes with unique risks to the enterprise.

Still, allowing employees to use existing cloud solutions rather than home-grown solutions save IT's time and resources, and gives employee's immediate access to tools that can help solve business problems today.

So what cloud services are enterprise-ready? Find out..

View the full report here.

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