In a continuing effort to provide you with unmatched intelligence for the electronic markets in a format that fits your workflow, Advanced Trading is expanding its digital lineup in 2011 to include six all-digital issues. Your March issue is available for download now.

This special digital edition of Advanced Trading heralds a historic era on Wall Street. At a time when algorithms and high-frequency trading rule the markets, our March digital issue examines the latest electronic trading trends and innovations that are determining who reaps the rewards.

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Issue cover

In This Issue:

  • DESIGNER ALGOS: Today's buy-side traders wouldn't be caught dead with off-the-rack algorithms. Now that equity algos have become commonplace, custom black-box strategies are all the rage on the Street.
  • RESISTANCE IS FUTILE -- THE ELECTRONIC REVOLUTION: High-frequency trading's rise to dominance started in equities, but it already has infiltrated options and futures. It seems as if only the regulators can stop it now.
  • HFT's NO. 1 CRITIC STILL SPEAKING OUT: As a U.S. senator, Ted Kaufman often spoke out against high-frequency trading. Today, he's still slamming the Street.
  • PLUS:
    • Larry Tabb Weighs In on an Algo Seal of Approval
    • Hedge Funds Want Their iPads
    • An Algo That Helps Avert a Crisis

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Look for these exclusive, all-digital editions of Advanced Trading in 2011.


What Financial Regulatory Reform Means for the Buy Side Now that there is more clarity surrounding Dodd-Frank, Advanced Trading takes a look at how the law's new requirements will impact buy-side institutions and what traders will need to do to comply with the new rules.


The Volcker Rule and Proprietary Trading Some high-risk proprietary trading desks are being spun off and others are moving to the asset management side of the business. What are the risks and opportunities?


Colocation and Sourcing Liquidity Colocation is the new ecosystem for automated trading and sourcing liquidity. Where does that leave traditional asset managers?


The Growing Popularity of Alternative Asset Classes As asset managers continue to feel pressure to improve returns, many portfolio managers are looking to dive into new asset classes. But this often requires new skill sets, technology and connectivity.


How the Buy-Side Can Cope With MiFID and Fragmentation The new regulations for the European markets have been in place for a couple of years. What have buy-side traders learned about coping with the increased fragmentation in the European markets?

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