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The massive Dodd-Frank Act was intended to reduce risk and make the markets safe for all participants. But like many regulations, Dodd-Frank's unintended consequences are proving painful, particularly in the $600-trillion derivatives market.

Wall Street & Technology's March digital issue examines the biggest challenges to central clearing of OTC derivatives and offers a road map to ease the pain of swaps reform.

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In This Issue:

  • 3 PAIN POINTS ON THE ROAD TO SWAPS CLEARING: Central clearing promises to bring transparency to the traditionally opaque OTC derivatives market and reduce participants' risk. Here are three keys to easing the pain of dragging swaps out into the open.
  • PREPARING FOR MARGIN CALL MANIA: The regulatory push toward central clearing of OTC derivatives is going to create a crescendo of margin calls on cleared swaps. Automated solutions could help reduce the noise.
  • AN ALTERNATIVE TO CENTRAL CLEARING? Can an established exchange-traded product replace swaps -- without the hassles of creating an entirely new market infrastructure?
  • PLUS:
    • Minimizing Collateral Damage
    • Nasdaq OMX Does the Polka
    • The Automation Imperative
    • And more ...

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