Today's extreme volatility makes even the most-experienced traders anxious. To escape the turmoil and uncertainty of the capital markets, hedge funds and other buy-side firms increasingly are looking for a safe haven in alternative investments.

But trading alternatives isn't like trading standard equities. Advanced Trading's October digital issue takes an in-depth look at the drivers behind the rush to alternatives and how the buy and sell sides are adjusting to the growing trend.

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In This Issue:

  • AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: To avoid the volatility and turmoil in the markets, hedge funds and other buy-side firms are embracing alternative investments. But they're not using options just to hedge their portfolios; they're also looking to boost their returns.
  • A FIRST FOR SECONDARY MARKETS: Broker-dealer Gate Technologies is betting that its alternative asset platform, which provides transparency into the secondary markets, will attract institutional investors.
  • THE SEC WANTS TO KNOW THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS: The SEC is asking hedge funds to hand over their proprietary trading formulas so the regulator can gain a better understanding of high-frequency trading's impact on the markets. But so far, hedge funds aren't buying it.
  • PLUS:
    • Nicholas Dunbar Recounts Wall Street's Evil Ways in "The Devil's Derivatives"
    • Larry Tabb Predicts the End of Actively Managed Funds
    • The ABCs of Hedge Fund Outsourcing

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