February 23, 2000

Another entrant in the race to consolidate the data of ECN limit order books is making great progress in becoming the first source for integrated ECN data. The site, 3DStockCharts.com, has been live with real-time data on buy and sell orders placed through the Island ECN since October and has recently integrated the Archipelago order book. The integrated data is expected to be running live on the site by March.

The site also displays two- and three-dimensional charts representing the integrated ECN data. But 3DStockCharts.com has even loftier goals and plans to integrate the data from most, if not all, of the ECNs by the end of the second quarter of this year, says John McNamara, president and CEO of 3DStockCharts.com.

“We have successfully integrated the second ECN,” says McNamara. “Users can expect to see the vast majority of all the ECN data integrated, say 90%, by the end of April.” The 3DStockCharts.com site features a real-time order book, showing an integrated listing of Island and Archipelago’s activity, with half-second updates to the bids and offers and a symbol next to each order to represent from which ECN the order originated.

Users enter a stock symbol into the field and will see the integrated book as well as 3D charts showing buy orders and sell orders on a vertical axis, which represents order volume, and a horizontal axis, which represents price. The third dimension of the chart is time, with new orders placed in front and older ones shifting back in half-second updates.