Cover Story
Citigroup's Secret
Citigroup has been quietly building a project-portfolio-management portal since 2000. The portal has helped CIO Tom Sanzone cut $200 million from his budget and change the way he manages 15,000 developers. Now he's considering putting the system on the market.

From the Editor
Changing Culture
It's tough enough managing one project, let alone 20,000, but Citigroup found a way through automation.

The Beat on the Street
Alert! Alerts Promise Operational Savings
According to a recent Financial Insights study, Alerts and notifications promise significant operational advantages in a variety of applications.

Beyond Compliance: The Business Value of Sarbox
Investing in Sarbanes-Oxley could offer a competitive edge, according to a recent TowerGroup report.

CRM: Starting to Live Up to Its Promise
What's actually happening is people are finally starting to figure it out.

Do Not Call Compliance
Each infraction, that's one sales call to a number listed on the Do Not Call list, can cost your firm up to $11,000.

Nasdaq Market Share Predicted to Increase
Celent Communications believes that Nasdaq will achieve 35 percent market share in 2005.

Market Data
Administrative Anguish
The battle of billing and reporting continues, but a break in the war may finally be on the horizon.

Trading & Exchanges
Get With the Program
Sell-side desks are giving their buy-side clients access to program-trading tools so they can slice and dice large blocks and measure transaction costs.

Favorite Few Rule E-Bond Trading
Seventy-five electronic-trading platforms are competing in the fixed-income market, but a few core systems have most of the volume.

Investment Tech.
How BlackRock Stays Solid
BlackRock Vice Chairman Rob Kapito describes how his firm stays on top of the fixed-income world by keeping its technology architecture simple.

EBS Founder Joins Forexster
Peter Bartko has been named CEO and director of Forexster Limited, the recently established Bermuda-based online-dealing facility for FX.

ISE Opts For New Board Member
Thomas Cardello is the newest addition to the board of directors for the International Securities Exchange.

Loykhter Leaves Prudential
Virginia will not be the new home for Bella Loykhter, who left Prudential Securities instead of relocating to the Southern state.

People on the Move

Is Time on Your Side?
As trading abuses are exposed, the mutual-fund industry contemplates how to stop the late bird from getting the worm.

Lehman Takes Control Of Provisioning
Lehman Brothers found that managing the complicated process of provisioning and de-provisioning users requires consistent policies and an automated system.

Focus On: Linux
Early Adopters Endorse Linux
While some are cautiously dipping their toes into the Linux pool, E*Trade's Josh Levine is taking the plunge.

A Conversation with Legg Mason's Mike Abbaei
Marching into 2004, Mike Abbaei, executive vice president and chief information and operations officer at Legg Mason Wood Walker, is tackling a full plate of IT initiatives.

Risk Management
Bringing Risk Into the Mix
Legg Mason is among a handful of firms revamping their wealth-management platforms to include risk management.

Data Providers Face Identity Crisis
Plagued by declining revenues, the data providers seem to be between a rock and a hard place - hamstrung by increasing competition, an aging infrastructure, an ever increasing amount of content, and a customer base that wants to pay less.

Inside Operations
Acronyms Abound in Operations
IM, BCP and STP are all part of the alphabet soup that operations professionals grapple with every day.

IT Challenge
Setting Priorities
The Challenge: Figuring out which project to tackle first is no easy task for IT executives.

Product Watch
Cantor Offers a New View
Traders can now supplement their strategies using Cantor Market Data's AutoSpeed View. The product combines a direct-data feed from eSpeed with proprietary analytics tools.

KnowNow Pushes PDA
KnowNow, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Internet-solutions provider, recently added LivePDA, a publish-and-subscribe mobile device, to the Wall Street wireless world.

UNX Translates for the Buy Side
With constant changes in U.S. equity market-structure and numerous protocols evolving, UNX has introduced a universal-language translator for buy-side institutional traders.