February 2004

From the Editor
Determining Priorities
How do we determine what to cover in our annual Vision issue?

Feeling Good. Proceed with Caution.
Financial-services executives are feeling positive - positive about the current state of the U.S. economy, positive about current business and industry prospects, and, alright, only somewhat positive about IT budget and spending plans.

Outlook 2004: Compliance Tops the Charts
Never before has Wall Street faced so many new regulations with major technology implications.

Suiting Up For SOX
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has CIOs struggling to find technology that will support tighter financial controls and processes.

Operation Mutual Fund
The SEC is on a mission to bring order to the chaotic state of the mutual-fund industry.

New Regs Keep BCP Center Stage
The NASD and the NYSE want to ensure that their members are ready if Wall Street is ever targeted again.

Learning to Manage the Message
As instant messaging becomes a favorite among Wall Street traders, it also garners the attention of industry regulators.

Hanging Launderers Out to Dry
With the Patriot Act here to stay, Wall Street remains vigilant about hampering the efforts of money launderers.

Turn Up the Volume on VoIP
Financial-services firms are jumping on the VoIP bandwagon, motivated by cost savings and technology advances. But quality is still a concern.

Changing the Rules of the Game
A change in the trade-through rule now on the SEC's agenda could lead to more direct-access and smart order-routing tools.

Online FX Systems Eye STP
As e-foreign-exchange-trading portals vie for volume, hedge funds and STP solutions are on the radar screen.

Buy Side Bets on Bond Platforms
Buy-side customers expect TradeWeb and MarketAxess to compete head on in 2004, while both try to solve their STP woes.

Securing the Securities Industry
Don't talk to strangers, lock the car doors and deadbolt the front door at night. If only security at Wall Street firms were that easy.

A Full House of Data
Before laying their cards on the table, Wall Street firms are looking to get a better view of the data held in their hands.

There's No Place Like Home
Investors want to participate in decision making with their financial advisers. Collaborative tools could be the next hot trend.

Gearing up for Grid
Athough mass adoption is several years away, many financial institutions are reaping the benefits of grid computing.

To Be or Not to Be an IM Shop?
Financial-services firms are divided when it comes to allowing instant messaging. Many warn they don't have a choice.

Execs Gear Up for New Year
What do prominent technology and business executives have on their plates for 2004? How are they dealing with compliance issues? What advice can they offer others in their shoes?

Out of Whack: Aligning IT & Business
Chiropractors say alignment is the key to life.