June 2004

Return to Growth
As the economy rebounds and cash flows return, CIOs hone in on areas where they see the potential for growth.

Schwab's IT Mission: Quality
CIO Geoffrey Penney supports key initiatives in retail investing and institutional trading.

Growing Through a Major Merger
Wachovia CIO Martyn Greene faces integration challenges with the firm's Prudential merger.

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned
Michael Goff prepares T. Rowe Price for the economic upturn with a long-term strategy.

PHLX Pushes Capacity to Extremes
CIO William Morgan leads effort to upgrade capacity and provide streaming quotes.

An Alternative View
Despite a level budget, Vanguard CIO Tim Buckley strives to provide more.

The Analysts' View
What's next? Algorithmic trading or old, faithful STP?Industry analysts make their predictions.

Key Trends in U.S. Securities
Key IT trends within the U.S. securities industry currently revolve around the broad concepts of cost reduction, operational efficiency, and compliance and risk management.

The Next Wave: Innovation
It's been a long time comin', but the Securities industry has reengaged, with some very innovative technologies, products and even services as its launching pad.

2004: The Year of the Monkey
The SIA Technology Management Conference has become one of those annual rights of passage for our industry, similar to the cherry blossoms in D.C. or Opening Day for the Yankees.

A Q&A With CCorp's Top Execs
On Feb. 8, The Clearing Corporation (CCorp) began processing trades for Eurex U.S., the all-new electronic futures exchange based in Chicago that was launched by Eurex, the world's largest derivatives exchange.

(mis)Alignment of IT Offshoring
Outsourcing software projects offshore is one of the hottest topics in management consulting.

A New Look for WS&T

Rethinking Data Delivery
Financial institutions are recognizing that data latency can increase the cost equation when relying on third-party data feeds.

Reg NMS: Divided We Stand
Unable to define fast versus slow markets, the industry is split over the SEC proposal to amend the trade-through rule.

Credit-Index Trading Takes Off
Buy-side interest in two rival credit-derivatives indices is forcing dealers to adopt electronic trading to keep pace.

Masters of the Universe
Unified managed accounts are helping financial advisers maintain control of their customers' assets.

Mission: Business Continuity
Since 9/11, the DTCC has taken extraordinary steps to keep the financial markets out of harm's way.

Fund Fixes
Mutual funds are taking action to prepare for potential regulations on market timing, but there aren't any easy answers.

Wall Street's Future Stars
Simulated trading rooms are popping up on college campuses, and they're opening recruiting doors on the street.

The need to jam more computing power into less space has firms scrambling to manage their data centers.

Innovative Technologies & Services
Cleansing Historical Data; Scaling for Multi-Style Accounts; Voltage Eases Encryption; NexTrend Offers Mock Accounts; Permabit Addresses Integrity; Adding Clients? Flip the Switch

People & Careers
Henry Leaves CSFB for JPMorgan Chase; Flatley Moves to Banc Of America Securities; SunGard Hires Leman to Head BRASS; Keeping Tabs

The Bad Side of Good News
The economy is humming, corporate profits are up, brokers' earnings are up and firms are increasing their technology spend - fantastic! But, where does that leave the industry's IT cost control and management accomplishments of the past four years?