June 2005
Cover Story

Data Managers: Ambassadors of Change
Data managers are earning new respect and their roles are evolving from back-office clerks to business-savvy, C-level executives.

Focus On
Operation Topoff
Industry trade associations ramp up BCP efforts through participation in the Department of Homeland Security's simulation attack exercise.

CIO Challenge
Legacy systems and inflexible architectures often prevent investment management firms from leveraging applications across the enterprise. To improve interoperability across the organization, many firms are turning to service-oriented architecture

Business Lines

A Chip Off the Block

The NYSE's Hybrid model seeks to win back institutional trading volume from the electronic networks.

Marrying Wireless and CRM
As the Blackberry becomes omnipresent on Wall Street, investment management firms are rushing to find compatible CRM products.

Slow and Steady
Although corporate actions automation has been talked about for years, most of the industry has yet to make progress toward achieving it.

Risky Business
Financial institutions of all sizes are getting a handle on operational risk to gear up for Basel II.

From Data Geek to Chic
Who knew the data manager would be so in vogue? Over the past few years, data managers have moved up from the basement - literally - and are heading toward the C-suite.

Trends & Highlights
--FSIs Focus on Growth
--Who's On Top
--U.S. Ranks No. 1 in ID Theft Vulnerability

Dear CIO...
Question: Do you think the New York Stock Exchange's planned merger with Archipelago is good for the industry?

Product Watch
--Monte Carlo Hits Top Speed
--Customized Reporting Made Easy
--Teaming Up for Data Auditing

Shifting Gears -- People & Careers
--Citadel's Hirschfeld Joins Asset Control
--Hibschman Leaves BGI
--Freddie Mac Pushes Operational Efficiency
--Keeping Tabs

Industry Voice
The Promise of Enterprise VoIP
By: Don Bell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development, IPC

No Touching: Algo Trading Leaps Forward