July 2005

Reinventing the Relationship
The buy and sell sides are at a turning point in their relationship. As the buy side takes greater control of its trades, the sell side is trying to find new ways to add value. Following are both perspectives on how the relationship is changing.

The New Sell-Side Trader: Execution Consultant
Brokers are morphing into execution consultants to advise the buy side on selecting algorithms and measuring performance. But how will the sell side reinvent the institutional sales trader?

The Next Big Thing
So, what IS the next big thing in the financial services technology space? What can every CIO and business line manager expect in the coming year?

SIA Seeks VoIP Deal
The Securities Industry Association is trying to strike a deal on behalf of its members that would reduce the cost of IP networks.

As more and more clients look to conduct transactions via electronic channels, investment management firms are improving their electronic servicing systems. Boosting online search capabilities and integrating call center systems and Web platforms can enhance self-service.

The Shift to Holistic Compliance
Mounting public pressure and cost burdens are motivating financial services firms to centralize their compliance efforts.

Time For a Change
TD Waterhouse upgrades anti-money laundering efforts with a third-party solution from Mantas.

Data Volume Skyrockets
Because of the proliferation of algorithms and black-box trading, data messaging rates are multiplying, causing capacity issues.

The Right Mix
Building a cost-effective technology portfolio requires careful planning and a balanced approach.

Outsourcing SMA Operations
As the separately managed accounts space takes off, investment managers are looking for outsourcing options to scale their operations.

Is It Safe?
As numerous security breaches have been reported, financial services firms are ramping up their security efforts to protect consumers' data.

Market Consolidation: An End to Fragmentation?
The No. 1 challenge faced by buy-side head traders - by far - is market fragmentation, according to a recent TABB Group report.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Is the relationship coming to an end? Will we be hearing the big "D" word, or is the relationship between the buy side and sell side just maturing and evolving, as all long-standing relationships do?

ACM Targets Broker-Dealers

LightPort Streamlines Reporting

Automated Policy Enforcement

Vidius Plugs Information Leaks

HP Eases Compliance Monitoring

Peregrine Helps Cut IT Costs

Leman Heads Execution Trading at HSBC

Gardner Leaves Frank Russell for IDI

Deutsche Bank's Lehrman Moves to Merrill

Keeping Tabs

Thomsen Replaces Cutler at SEC Enforcement Head

Messinger Joins Pershing

Wellington Takes On Ops and IT

Top 5 Risk Initiatives

IT Help Wanted

Investor Distrust

Fast Facts

Dear CIO...
Question: As it increasingly provides tools for algorithmic trading, pre-trade analytics and transaction cost analysis to the buy side, is the sell side disintermediating itself?

Infrastructure Integration
By: Christopher Wrenn, Managing Director and COO, HVB Americas
Many corporations are daunted by the challenges of integrating their technology infrastructures with their business processes.