October 2005
BCP: Expect the Unexpected
BCP: Expect the Unexpected

Boosting BCP
At New York-based Lehman Brothers, BCP continues to be a top priority.

FOCUS ON: Service-Oriented Architecture
Riding the SOA Wave
Now that firms understand SOA, they are starting to build adaptable infrastructures that can meet today's changing business needs.

IT/Business Alignment
By: Leslie Kramer
Despite the attention paid to aligning IT projects with business priorities, many CIOs still struggle to understand the business' needs. To truly achieve IT/business alignment, firms must integrate their management teams closely to build trust over time.

Securities Police Go High-Tech
NYSE Regulation is arming its examiners with tools to identify risk at member firms, brokers and branches.

Follow the Leader
A soft dollar ruling by the United Kingdom's FSA has the attention of U.S.-based financial institutions. Will the SEC follow the FSA's lead?

New ATSs Arise to Fill a Void
New alternative trading systems are emerging in response to the consolidation of U.S. equity markets and the adoption of Reg NMS.

Harnessing Data
Financial services firms know that timely and accurate data leads to better business decisions (and also keeps regulators happy).

Data: A Sea Change Ahead
By: Dr. Thomas C. Redman, President, Navesink Consulting Group
If I'm reading the tea leaves correctly, we're on the verge of a sea change in the way organizations manage data. I'm referring specifically to data quality, which has been a thorn in management's side for some time.

BCP: Murphy's Law Applies
Prior to the London bombings in July and the recent disaster along the Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Katrina, studies and grumblings in the corporate world indicated that business continuity planning (BCP) was no longer a top priority.

--Adobe Integrates Financial Documents Enterprisewide
--Dynamic Hedge Fund Analysis
--Business Continuity Messaging

Ameritrade CIO Hirji Promoted to COO

Galper Exits TABB Group, Launches Vodia Group

Price Joins TowerGroup

Keeping Tabs

Basel II Falls Flat

Outsourcing for Operational Efficiency

Growth Spurt

Financial IT Megatrends

To Have and to Hold
The acquisition of Macgregor, the buy-side order management system (OMS), by ITG, the agency broker and transaction cost analysis provider, has stirred the market over the need for a front end. Should firms spend money either to build or acquire client-facing front ends?