September 2006

Outer Defenses
To win back investors' confidence following a seemingly endless parade of high-profile breaches, remote hardware security has become a differentiating factor for financial services firms.

Exchanges Are Adopting the FPL's FAST Protocol to Speed Up Market Data Rates
With market data message rates surging, exchanges are adopting the FAST protocol to reduce bandwidth requirements.

Get On the Omnibus: The Mutual Fund Industry Gears up for 22c-2
Mutual funds are focusing on omnibus account activity visibility and reporting as the compliance date for SEC Rule 22c-2 draws near.

SOA: At Your Service
The technology that supports service-oriented architechture continues to mature, further enabling firms' customer-centric strategies.

Affirmative Action
A flood of new solutions hits the credit derivatives space in an effort to stem the risk of backlogged paperwork.

Web Explosion
It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that we are in the midst of an online revolution.

Switching a Back-Office Relationship Is Very Hard
While the front office is eminently more glamorous and lucrative, switching front-office providers is easy. Switching a clearing, custody or depository relationship, however, is very hard.

Changing the Game
MTV just celebrated its 25th birthday. And the MTV Generation, as it is known, discovered that it no longer is the new kid on the block.


Energy Efficiency
THE CHALLENGE: To meet the ever-increasing demand for computing power on Wall Street, firms require more and more energy to run their data centers. But faced with skyrocketing energy costs, CIOs are challenged to balance raw computing power with energy consumption.

Matrox Releases PowerSpace for Virtual Desktop Management
Safend UpGrades Endpoint Security With Protector 3.0
Spotfire Releases DXP for Enterprise Analytics, Features Pre-configured Guided Analytics for Financial Professionals

Tullett Prebon Promotes Del Vecchio to CIO
Silverman Makes a Move to Morgan
Mark Tolani to Head Development at Cohen Bros.
Keeping Tabs

CDS Processing Cost to Peak in '06
IT Not Aware of GRC Needs Says Compliance Pros
Corporate Actions Trip Up STP According to TowerGroup Research
Operational Risk Management Goes Global
Financial Services Companies Failing to Perform Due Diligence on Outsourcing Deals
Ask The Experts: Ira Lehrman, CTO at Merrill Lynch, on Outsourcing