December 2006

Market Data Management Mandate
Financial services firms are building out robust infrastructures capable of handling the oncoming data deluge, while continuing to monitor and scrutinize spending and requests for additional market data services.

New From Cybercrooks: Fake Chrome, Pump-And-Dump
E-Trade and TD Ameritrade were victims of an online brokerage scheme. Security researchers, meanwhile, have their eyes on a new technique for faking a Web page's chrome.

Inefficient Efforts: Firms Look to Break Down Their Isolated Compliance Processes
The pressure to meet regulatory deadlines has resulted in isolated compliance activities across organizations. But opening these efforts to the rest of the enterprise can improve business processes.

Federated Search Providers Are Looking to Reach the Financial Services Industry
Federated search technology providers are looking to reach the financial services industry, but the big fish isn't quite ready to bite.

Deal Management Technology Makes In-Roads IN Financial Services
Easy-to-access, Web-based tools are becoming more commonplace in financial services to better track new business prospects and close deals faster.

Yahoo Finance Upgrades Web Site Technology
The No. 1 consumer finance site increases flexibility by buying stock quotes directly from exchanges.

Seeing Is Believing
With the widespread distribution of trading algorithms by both the sell side and third-party vendors to buy-side and sell-side traders over the past several years, algorithmic usage has gone beyond niche use by stat arbs and other quants implementing their high-speed and/or complex strategies for mainstream use.

U.S. Market Position Under Attack
Three interesting news pieces came across my desk today: the acquisition of Instinet by Nomura; the development of a Pan-European MiFID-ready exchange; and a story about European exchanges and depositories promising to open up their vertically aligned clearing businesses, prompted by the European Financial Services commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, to promote cross-border clearing and settlement competition, innovation and lowered cost.

The Audacity
Business is good. Corporate profits are setting records, and Wall Street bonuses are predicted to set records in 2006 for the second year in a row.

Algorithm Building Blocks
Enhanced Password Security
Rep. Lifecycle Management

Everall Jumps to HSBC Securities
FSTC Gets New Chief of Staff
Saxo Tabs Straessle As New CIO
Keeping Tabs

FSIs Care More About Compliance
OTC Obstacles
Electronic Trading Expectations Soften
The World After MiFID
Ask The Experts: Customer Account Security
Ready for FFIEC