May 2007

Green Is the New Black
As energy costs skyrocket, Wall Street is working to reduce data center energy consumption by using more efficient technology.

What's a Green Data Center?

Why Blackouts and Brownouts are Likely To Occur This Summer, More Frequently In The Future

These Servers Are Really Cool

Experts Share Basic Ways To Reduce Power Consumption In Data Centers

Focus On
Acartha Group CTO Ameet Patel Shares IT Insights
Patel shares insights from years of experience at Chase and JPMorgan Investment Bank's technology-advisory group and the venture-capital (VC) world he now calls home.

Unexpected Surge in Trading Volumes and Volatility Raises Infrastructure Concerns for Hedge Funds
The market decline of Feb. 27 has prompted hedge funds to rethink their trading infrastructures to ensure they can cope with higher volumes and volatility.

Hedge Funds Are Focusing On Disaster Recovery Following the Recent Market Volatility
Hedge funds have become more conscious of disaster recovery and business continuity to back up applications and data since the February market decline.

Wells Fargo Taps Web 2.0
Financial Services firm is using blogs, wikis and even Second Life's virtual world to connect employees and customers.

A New Foundation: SOA Implementation for Business Transformation
A successful services-oriented architecture, or SOA, implementation starts with making the right decisions early on in the process.

I Want a Say, or Maybe Not
For years, those of us in some of the most populated states - New York, and New Jersey, to name two - complained that we had little say in the selection of presidential candidates because our primary elections were so late in the primary cycle.

More Than 20 Percent of Online Brokerage Users Are Considering Changing Brokers

Boom Electronic Trading Boom Spurs Spending on Advanced Trading Technology

Corporate Boards Don't Focus on IT As Much As They Should

Judge Dismisses Most Counts in E-Mail Suit Against Morgan Stanley

Risk Management Not Delivering, PricewaterhourseCoopers, Economist Intelligence Unit Report

Excerpts From Last Month's Most-Viewed WS&T Blog Postings

Today's CIOs Continue to Expand Their Reach Deeper Into Core Businesses

From Financial Services CISO to Chief Information Management Office: Tackling 360 Degrees of Enterprise Protection
As security threats constantly change and the scope of their role continues to grow, successful chief information security officers are becoming chief information management officers.

Today's Money Managers Are Leveraging Funds Into Alternative Investment Products
Traditionally, money managers either bought or sold. They bought the names they liked and sold the ones they didn't. Hedge funds, however, have been free to buy, sell, sell short, and use derivatives and structured products to increase yield and drive gains.