March-April 2009


Citi/Morgan Brokerage Merger Presents Disruption and Opportunity. Will It Work?
Though the integration process is bound to be slow and painful, and the likely layoffs have earned it the moniker 'Citi Morgue,' Citi and Morgan Stanley's retail brokerage joint venture has an opportunity to forge a best-of-both-worlds wealth management platform.


Wall Street Accelerates Options Analysis With GPU Technology
NVIDIA's graphics processing units help Wall Street speed up financial calculations and lower power consumption.

European MTFs Hook Up With Reliance Globalcom's Financial Extranet to Minimize Latency
Anticipating a data explosion in Europe, Chi-X Europe, BATS Europe and Nasdaq OMX Europe tap Reliance Globalcom's FinancialConnect extranet for low-latency connectivity.

Quant Fund Uses CEP for Smart Order Routing, Data Feeds
PhDs on staff at hedge fund PhaseCapital build smart order routing, data feeds, trading algorithms using templates and tools from StreamBase.

Adapting Legacy Applications to Multicore Servers
Even as chip makers roll out ever-more-powerful servers to meet Wall Street's demand for low-latency, high-speed performance, legacy applications and new multicore servers tend to be a poor fit. But firms such as AVM are finding ways to adapt aging programs and take advantage of the performance improvements afforded by multiple cores.


Divining the Future of Professional Media in a Web 2.0 World
What does the disintermediation of professional media mean for an industry focused on high-speed, accurate and intelligent information?


Media Information Void
As Web 2.0 technologies and social networking tools begin to play a role in how people distribute and consume information, financial services executives are trying to figure out what it all means.


Behavioral Finance Helps Fund Managers Spot Losers
All fund managers rely on gut instincts in their pursuit of superior returns. Cabot Research uses behavioral finance to help them identify persistent bad tendencies when buying and selling stocks.

MacDougall, MacDougall and MacTier Invests in New Wealth Management Platform
Canada's oldest stock brokerage turns to new wealth management software to handle a wave of new clients.


Smart Algo Routers Target Complex Market Structure
To help buy-side firms pick the best algorithms, agency broker Louis Capital Markets launches Alpharithms, a smart algo router that splits buy-side orders among the top five brokers' best-performing algos.


Risk Management Evolves for Risky Times
Real-time risk management systems and a culture of accountability are necessary to help financial firms avoid the pitfalls that caused the financial crisis in the first place.


Sun Unveils Green Data Center
Sun's new energy-efficient data center in Colorado saves $1 million in energy bills, 11,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 670,000 gallons of water every year, the vendor says.

How BGC Partners Stays on Top of the Flood of Trade Data
BGC Partners, a division of Cantor Fitzgerald, uses Sybase's IQ column-based database to store and analyze the escalating tsunami of trade data.

U.S. Equities Market Structure Changes Dramatically
Technology, new pricing models, and Regulation NMS have forever changed the equities market structure, and electronic order books have become dominant, according to a new report from Celent.