How to Transform the SEC Into a '21st-Century Regulator'

The fallout from the credit crisis and the SEC's failings surrounding Bernard Madoff's alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme have highlighted the need for major changes at the SEC.


SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro Outlines Priorities

Charged with transforming the SEC into a '21st-century regulator,' Schapiro says, 'The crisis facing our capital markets will require aggressive and timely action.'


Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management

With more than $7.8 billion in assets under management, Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management's institutional clients include corporate and government retirement plans. The firm, which has operated as an autonomous subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors since 2001, offers investments in systematic equity, traditional global, and U.S. and non-U.S. income and growth strategies.


Volatility Shakes Up Block Trading

Amid the current market uncertainty, buy-side traders are rethinking their use of block crossing networks, instead slicing up orders to minimize the risk posed by volatile prices and leaning on the expertise of sales traders.


Funds of Funds Will Stress Independence and Technology to Avoid the Next Madoff Scandal

After losing billions of dollars in Bernard Madoff's alleged fraud, funds of funds are stressing independent fund administrators and technology to perform due diligence on hedge fund investments.


What Is a Fund Administrator?

In the wake of the Madoff scandal, institutional investors increasingly are demanding that hedge funds hire third-party fund administrators to verify net asset values and trading positions.


Rethinking Market Regulation

Over the years, regulators and legislators have tinkered with the markets, making it virtually impossible to raise capital, says Larry Tabb.


Algo-Friendly Dark Pools Piece Together Block Trades

Broker-owned dark pools are rolling out block trading features that compete with traditional block crossing networks.

Mary Schapiro, Chairman, SEC
Mary Schapiro, Chairman, SEC


Aligning Algos to Volatility

The pressures in the markets have been shifting, and while there's been a return of the human element, algos are finding their place too.


CCA Consortium Solution: One Size Won't Fit All

A consortium of broker-dealers has been quietly working to standardize CCA administration for the buy side with a single solution, but some buy siders don't see a fit.

Fidelity to Build New Midtown NY Trading Floor, Hiring

Fidelity Capital Markets is bucking the downsizing trend by hiring staff for a new trading floor.

Broker-Owned Dark Pools Grab Market Share

Traditional block crossing networks lost volume to the algo-friendly broker- and market maker-owned dark pools in 2008.

Wall Street to Fight Proposed .25% Tax on Executions to Pay for Bailout

Tax would punish Main Street, not only Wall Street, STA says.