August 2010
Gold Book 2010
Profiles In Excellence
WS&T's 2010 Gold Book honorees are stepping up to the challenge of supporting their firms' growth with creative ideas, innovative technology solutions and strong leadership.
Kevin Kometer
John Fiore
Larry Cohn
Christopher Peretta
Andrew Haines

NYSE's Steve Rubinow Discusses Competing on Education
2009 Gold Book honoree and NYSE Euronext EVP and Co-CIO Steve Rubinow says that even though the exchange has a hard time competing for tech talent on Wall Street, the state of technology innovation in the U.S. is just fine.

Perception Problems
What Apple's "antennagate" issues can teach us about innovation.

TradeKing Hires Ex-Associated Press And Borders IT Exec As First CIO
The 5-year-old online investment/social networking site has more than $1.2 billion in assets under management, 224,000 account holders and 84 employees in Boca Raton, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C.

IBM' Steve Mills Says Financial Services Focus Has Returned to Growth
Steve Mills, the head of IBM's Software Group, sees much more optimism in the industry and discusses the future of cloud computing in financial services.

Simple IT Restructuring Has Failed To Provide Cost Benefits
CIOs are now looking to reposition IT as a hub of innovation, driver of enterprise-wide collaboration and provider of more sophisticated, brand-differentiating technology products and services, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

NYSE And Corvil Launch Website Dedicated To Latency Transparency Across Exchanges And Market Data
The site,, was created to serve as a basis for best practices in latency transparency, and is a free online tool that allows market data publishers and users to compare latency performance on a like-for-like basis as verified by Corvil.

More Scrutiny in an Altered World
Capital markets can expect to feel the fallout of the new regulatory focus for decades, according to Dr. Raj Nathan, Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing and Business Solutions Operations, Sybase.

IT: The Global Economic Accelerant
IT is a major driver of global economies, but traditional indicators such as GDP do not go far enough to accurately measure global competitiveness, writes Howard Rubin, founder and CEO, Rubin Worldwide

The Demise of the Corporate Data Center
To secure their infrastructure and processes, Wall Street firms have built up castle walls around their data for years. But electronic trading is creating cracks in those walls, according to special contributing editor Larry Tabb.