October 2010
Marcio Castro
Marcio Castro, IT Director- systems Development, BM&FBovespa

Is HFT Ready to Take Over the World?
As high-frequency traders eye opportunities across the world, emerging markets are joining the low-latency race, increasing exchange throughput capacity, lowering latency and creating a more friendly regulatory environment.

The Low-Latency Imperative: How Fast Is Fast Enough?
Conventional wisdom may assert that everyone on Wall Street wants to be as fast as possible. But latency is a matter of perspective, influenced by trading style, instrument class and even the tools used to measure it.

Exchanges Embrace Open Source
As open source software matures, exchanges increasingly are embracing the transparency and efficiency that the solutions offer.

Small Firms Leverage Cloud-Based Archiving Solutions to Build Social Media Advantage
By leveraging cost-effective cloud-based archiving solutions to ensure compliance, small financial services firms are gaining competitive advantage in the brave new world of social media.

Upwardly Mobile
While Wall Street has been slow to embrace smartphone applications, a number of firms are introducing new mobile apps. Wall Street & Technology takes a look at some of the latest offerings.

NYSE Euronext Completes Migration of NYSE and NYSE Amex to U.S. Data Center
With the NYSE and NYSE Amex equities primary matching engines now inside the new data center, NYSE Euronext will begin the migration of its other markets as well as NYSE Technologies,Aeo diverse product portfolio that includes colocation services, direct data feeds, and trading infrastructure on-demand.

J.P. Morgan Veteran Sean Gallagher Joins Fiserv's Investment Services Group
Gallagher has experience with the hedge fund, asset manager and broker-dealer segments.

Firms Not Prepared for Increased Risk Analytics Demands
Most financial services professionals do not feel that their firms are prepared to handle the growing needs for in-depth business and risk analytics, according to an InformationWeek Financial Services Analytics study.

Bloomberg Tradebook Forges Dark Pool Transparency Agreements
Tradebook also launched its B-Dark algorithm, which contains the first analytic to deliver real-time venue transparency in dark pools, allowing traders to execute dark liquidity orders with more control and visibility.

Deutsche Bank Links To DTCC's Contract Reconciliation Service For Syndicated Loans
DTCC's Contract Reconciliation provides reconcilement for syndicated loans at all levels, from commitment and facility level down to individual contracts with all relevant transaction detail, the utility said.

The Infrastructure Economics Breakthrough
The financial executives who can figure out how to shift technology spending from infrastructure and hardware to application development will drive their firms to the winner's circle in the competitive financial services industry.

Get Ready for FinReg's Systems Bonanza
The new Frank-Dodd Financial Reform law will result in a potential universe of 24 new regulatory systems, including platforms for reporting, compliance and risk.

Office of Financial Research: Essential? Folly? Or Both?
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform Act created the Office of Financial Research to help the U.S. Treasury assess banks' risk. But achieving that goal may require an act of God.