November 2011


2012 Outlook 10 Challenges That Will Shape Wall Street in 2012
Battered and bruised by a difficult 2011, Wall Street faces another challenging year. We examine 10 critical issues that will set the agenda at capital markets firms in 2012.


Larry Tabb's 2012 Financial Markets Forecast: Antacid -- And Plenty of It
The markets are in a state of shock. And all of the new rules coming in 2012 will only make it more difficult and more expensive for all financial markets participants.


Applauding Occupy Wall Street
The Occupy Wall Street movement should be commended for reminding Americans of the country's intimate history with public protest. However, the movement itself needs some refining.


Analysts Deny That IT Spending Predictions Are Just a Shot In the Dark
IT spending predictions range from $90 billion to $400 billion, but analysts argue that there is method to the madness.

Insider Fraud: Watch Out, Your Bank Could Be the Next One to Lose Billions
Worryingly, once an incident has occurred, it takes organizations an average of 89 days to discover it.

Wall Street Employees Expect Bonuses To Shrink, But Not Just Yet
The results of a survey that could delight Occupy Wall Street protesters are in.

Occupy Wall Street Protest: Our Readers React
WS&T readers have some strong opinions on the matter of executive compensation.


Technology's Growing Importance to Business Provides an Opportunity
Today's corporate and personal economies are far more technology-intense than in 1980, and the overall technology economy is growing even as the global economy stagnates, says Howard Rubin.


New Application Development Tools Promise to Boost Code Quality and Reduce Downtime
To improve application code and reduce downtime, financial services firms such as Raymond James are turning to an emerging category of analytical tools -- known as software application analysis and measurement tools -- to objectively measure quality and inform developers.


For RIAs, Successful Dodd-Frank Compliance Starts Now
With new Dodd-Frank Act rules looming, registered investment advisers must make certain that their IT supports new regulatory compliance requirements, according to Ernst & Young's Cynthia Doe and Daniel New.