Building the Modern IT Workforce

Wall Street's Top Technology Schools


Wall Street's Top Technology Schools
Capital markets executives reveal their favorite schools for hiring computer programming and engineering graduates.

How to Land a Technology Job on Wall Street: Inside an Elite Wall Street IT Education
Capital markets firms are recruiting graduates from the top schools in computer science and other majors to train the next generation of IT talent.

How to Climb the Wall Street Corporate IT Ladder
Even as layoffs lay waste to financial services payrolls, top IT pros remain in strong demand. Here are the skills -- including Big Data and social media -- workers need to survive and thrive in a modern Wall Street IT organization.

How to Manage Millennials: Harnessing Their Adaptability, Flexibility and Connectivity
Millennials have gotten a bad rap as poor performing, high-maintenance employees. But they can bring a lot of value to the IT workforce -- if managers know how to connect with them (literally and figuratively).

3 Bring-Your-Own-Device Secrets
If you're having trouble letting go and allowing workers to use their own personal mobile devices to perform enterprise functions, perhaps these hidden BYOD benefits will help convince you.


Consolidating IT: Vanguard Leverages Advances in Bandwidth and Optimization Technologies
In addition to cloud technologies and virtualization, global firms such as Vanguard are leveraging advances in bandwidth and optimization technologies to consolidate international IT operations into a single organization and shared data center.

7 Tips for Moving to a Global Shared Services IT Model
Vanguard CTO and principal of global investment systems Carol Dow shares insights gained during the firm's multiyear transition to a global shared services IT model.


4 Tips to Better Manage Your Firm's Technology Economics
Investors are paying increasingly close attention to firms' technology strategies and IT spending. Here are the keys to managing your company's technology economics.


Millennials May Be the Cure for the IT Talent Shortage in Financial Services
CIOs need to learn what makes Millennials tick, or risk missing out on the tech-savvy skills the ME Generation brings to the table.


Cisco: Cloud Is Changing CIO Role
Mobility, cloud, and collaboration technologies are changing the demands on CIOs, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior tells Interop 2012 audience. Cisco Cloud Connect, cloud networking platform rolling out this summer, aims at those demands.

New Open Data Center Alliance Workgroup Will Help Firms Harness Big Data
Vendors step up to focus on content management solutions for big data.

AlphaHedge Launches SMA Platform
A new platform promises to offer long/short equity hedge fund strategies to investment advisors without the high minimums and limited liquidity of traditional hedge funds.

Former Merrill, Fannie Mae Tech Chief Named NYC CIO
Wall Street veteran Rahul Merchant named CIO, as Mayor Bloomberg adds "innovation" to the job of the city's top tech executive.

6 Must-Have Skills For Aspiring CIOs
Not everybody is cut out to be a CIO. Consider these six elements that help shape a successful chief information officer.

Thomson Reuters Launches Intraday FX Analysis
Reuters FX Buzz will provide "pithy" summaries and commentary on how events impact the FX market, and will be delivered through Thomson Reuters Eikon and Reuters 3000 Xtra platforms.


Clearing as a Catalyst: FX Forwards, NDFs and FX Swaps Join the Modern Age
The more-robust capturing, reporting and clearing of FX forwards, NDFs and swaps should be counted as one of the more positive aspects created by the Dodd-Frank process, says Larry Tabb of the Tabb Group.


Streamlining the Program Execution Path Is the Shortest Distance to Faster Trades
While capital markets firms obsess over their proximity to exchange matching engines in order to reduce latency, reducing the program execution path may be a better way to slash milliseconds off of executions.


Merrill Lynch Empowers Its Financial Advisers With Cutting-Edge Technology
To boost the productivity of its most skilled financial advisers, Merrill Lynch partnered with Charles River to create Porfolio+, a customized, browser-based portfolio trading platform.