7 Financial Services Social Media Insights from Sprout Social

See how financial services is taking a leading role in the new social business.
December 13, 2013

Response Rate by Industry

A social media study by Sprout Social called the Sprout Social Index delves into how brands are (or sometimes aren't) keeping pace in responding to the upswing of people engaging with them on social.

Their team of data scientists combed through 20,000 public social profiles of brands across Facebook and Twitter. Results were organized by verticals and 15 industry categories.

Here are some of the more eye-opening findings:

Response Rate by Industry

At 28 percent, Banking/Finance had the top response rate of all industries and ranked third, tied with Entertainment, in the average response time of 10 hours.

According to Andrew Caravella, VP of marketing at Sprout Social, there is room for improvement in response time across the board, but the overall responsiveness yields a good picture for the banking and finance industry.

Click here for the full report by Sprout Social.

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