May 08, 2014

3. Open Source provides flexibility for innovation. Sahoo believes in small steps and innovating with a business case. He feels Open Source is a great way to keep entry costs low, try out ideas and helps foster innovation.

4. Do not blindly update versions. Licenses and security can be fatal. Sahoo says organizations should go through detailed testing cycles for updating their open source versions or libraries. He urges programmers not to just go for the latest and greatest. He also told organizations to have proper policies and not to get into licensing issues like Affero GPL etc.

5. Be Open about Open vs Closed Source Sahoo said there is no safe approach, it’s just a varying degree of risk and reward. He said organizations should focus on the core architecture first.

“The experiences of using Open Source can differ, but the new reality is open source can build mission-critical systems and it can give you control over major issues if you focus on your key architecture issues intelligently,” said Sahoo.

His closing message to the conference audience: “Use what’s best for your business, but don’t rule open source out. If it doesn’t work, fail fast.”

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